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Academic Publications

Evans, N. & Stewart, N. (2018, in press). The role of naturalness in ecological restoration: A case study from the Cook County Forest Preserves. Nature & Culture.

Hicks, J. & Stewart, W. (2018, in press). Exploring potential components of wildlife-inspired awe. Human Dimensions of Wildlife.  DOI:

Zhang, L. & Stewart, W. (2017). Sustainable tourism development of landsacpe heritage in a rural community:  A case study of Azheke Village at China Hani Rice Terraces.  Built Heritage, 1 (4), 37-51.

Huang, S. Stewart, W., & Yin, P. (2017).  Making a cultural landscape: The case of Dongshan River Basin, Taiwan. Society & Natural Resources, 30 (12), 1507-1522.

Kemp, C., van Riper, C., L. Boufajreldin, Stewart, W. Scheunemann, J., & van den Born, R.  (2017).  Connecting human-nature relationships to environmental behaviors that minimize the spread of invasive species.  Biological Invasions, 19,  2059–2074.

Hwang, D. & Stewart, W. (2016).  Social capital and collective action in rural tourism.  Journal of Travel Research, 56, 81-93.

Van Riper, C., Sutton, S., Kyle, G., Stewart, W., & Tobin, R.  (2016).  Bridging managers’ place meanings and environmental governance of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. Society & Natural Resources, 29, 1342-1358.

Stewart, W. (2014). Leisure research to enhance social justice. Leisure Sciences, 36(4), 325-339.

Johnson, A., Glover, T., & Stewart, W. (2014). Attracting locals to downtown:  Everyday leisure as a place-making initiative. Journal of Park and Recreation Administration, 32(2), 28-42.

Tomiyama, K. & Stewart, W. (2014). Psychological attachment to local community and team identity. Asian Journal of Sport Management 7(1), 35-60.

Selected Presentations

Gobster, P., Stewart, W., van Riper, C., Williams, D., & Rigolon, A.  (2018). “Clean and Green: Vacant Lot Stewardship and the Creation of New Natures in Chicago.” Co-chair of organized session (with Paul Gobster and Elsa Anderson) and co-presenter at the International Association for Landscape Ecology Conference, Chicago, IL.  April 8-12.

Stewart, W., Gobster, P., van Riper, C. and Williams, D. (2017).  “Effects of vacant lot ownership on improving neighborhood social life.”  Paper presented and session co-organized (with Paul Gobster) at the International Symposium for Society and Resource Management.  Umea, Sweden. June 19-22.

Stewart, W. (2017).  “Building community resilience: An agenda for rural tourism and conservation development.” Invited speaker to Department of Landscape Architecture, Beijing Forestry University, Beijing, China. May 25-29.

Stewart, W. (2017).  “Tourism research to build rural community resilience.”  Invited speaker to College of Architecture and Urban Planning.  Tongji University, Shanghai, China. May 16-20, 2017.

Stewart, W. (2016). “Landscape change for rural community resilience: An agenda for research.” Invited Keynote Speaker. International Outdoor Recreation and Tourism Conference. Tainan, Taiwan. October, 2016.

Stewart, W. (2014). “Research methods to build healthy communities.” Invited speaker at departmental seminar. Department of Forestry, National Chung Hsing University, Taipei, Taiwan. September 18.

Stewart, W. (2014). “Public memory of landscapes:  Partnerships for healthy communities.” Invited keynote speaker for the International Conference of the Outdoor Recreation Association, Shih Hsin University, Taipei, Taiwan.  September 19-20.

Stewart, W. (2014). “Place-making for health and well-being.” Invited speaker at NTU Global Issues Forum:  Smart Cities, Healthy Cities.  National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan. November 2-4.

Stewart, W. (2014). “Community-based research for healthy communities.” Invited panelist at departmental seminar.  Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture.  National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan.  November 5.

Public forums

Chi-Hack Night Presentation, Nov 7, 2017.

Chicago Tribune, Nov 28, 2016.