My Course for Spring 2019

RST 393/594
Community Conservation and Restoration

  • Learn community-based conservation
  • Understand social-ecological resilience
  • Gain skills for regional conservation

RST 393/594 investigate relationship between community dynamics and natural resources through concepts of resiliency, place, social learning and governance. Pri- mary focus will be on worked and mixed- use landscapes to plan park, conservation, and restoration initiatives at aregional — rather than site — level.

  • Place-based conservation that integrates community and regional perspectives
  • Ecosystem services in mixed-use landscapes
  • Governance for landscape-level conservation

Undergraduates register for RST 393-CCR, 3 hours Graduate students register forRST 594-CCR, 4 hours Class meets M/W, 3:00-4:20 pm
Instructors are William Stewart and Nicole Evans